Give Your Children the Opportunities You Never Had

Building generational wealth starts with you, today

Preparing for the future is vital. Unfortunately, many people in our community live paycheck to paycheck, dipping into what little savings they have to pay the bills. At 10,000 Strong, we understand the financial challenges you're facing and have solutions to help you improve your financial situation.

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Champions for change

Dr. Ransey O'Daniel has always been passionate about strengthening his community. Not only is he a spiritual leader, he's also an advocate for equality:

  • As the pastor of Christ Baptist Church of Tuscaloosa, he encourages his congregation to overcome their struggles by leaning on each other for support.
  • As the founder of 10-4 Corporation, he promotes racial reconciliation by leading civil conversations about inequality.
  • As the founder of 10,000 Strong, he provides classes and resources to help underprivileged communities build wealth.

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Searching for a church?

Christ Baptist Church of Tuscaloosa welcomes people of all backgrounds. Regardless of your sexual orientation, gender identity or ethnicity, you'll be greeted with a smile and a heartfelt "hello."

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