Unifying and Cleaning Up Neighborhoods Through Wealth-Building Strategies

Learn how we're making a positive impact in our community

Systemic inequality has made it difficult for Tuscaloosa, AL area residents to pass wealth on to their children. Although we can't solve this problem by ourselves, we're doing our part to level the playing field.

10,000 Strong is a resource for people who are eager to grow their wealth. We're making a positive impact by...

  • Hosting rallies
  • Teaching economics classes
  • Helping job seekers fill out applications

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A good way to build generational wealth is to pass your assets on to your children. Attorneys can charge up to $500 for wills, but we'll send you one for just $50. Once you fill it out and get it notarized, you'll have a valid will that will help protect your family's financial future.

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